In order to apply for non-profit incorporation and/or tax exempt status, there are a few fees that are levied against the applicant. These fees can be categorized into four groups as follows:


      1.  Kids Non Profits USA service fee(s)

     2.  IRS Tax Exempt Application User Fee

     3. State Incorporation and registration fees (if applicable)


KNPUSA fees are listed below. Please select a fee category from the left side column to review IRS and State fees. Please be advised that all of the published fees on this web site are subject to change at any time. We are providing this information so that your organization will have an accurate estimate of the complete costs involved in incorporating and/or applying for tax exempt status.


The following chart details Kids Non Profits USA's service fees. Please be advised that all applicants will also be subject to a one-time IRS User Fee of either $275 or $600 that will be paid at a later date. Additionally, if your organization has chosen to incorporate, there are additional state fees. For a complete description of each package and additional services, please click here.



 Primary Services   Fee
 Platinum Package $699.00
 Gold Package$599.00
 Silver Package$499.00
 Bronze Package $399.00
 Additional Services Fee
 Specialized Services  Varies
 State Non-Profit Registration $99.00
 EIN Application Service $49.00
 Articles Amendment Service $99.00
 Application Review Service $149.00
 Expedited Processing Service* $79.00

*Expedite service includes expedited KNPUSA internal processing and expedited shipping to IRS (all tax exempt applications) and Secretary of State (corporation filings). Service does not include expedited IRS or state processing.


**This service is not required for the Platinum or Gold packages.


Please be advised that KNPUSA and IRS fees are non-refundable except in the event that your tax exemption application is denied by the IRS.