Thanks for visiting Kids Non Profits USA, LLC (KNPUSA). Your organization can be recognized by the IRS as a tax exempt entity by utilizing KNPUSA's non profit incorporation and tax exempt services. Non Profit and/or 501(c)(3) tax exempt status will make your organization eligible for grants and funding that is impossible to get otherwise. The benefits of Federal tax exempt status are truly amazing. Your organization will enjoy the same benefits, status, and powers utilized by organizations such as the American Red Cross, Boys and Girls Clubs of America, and United Way. These organizations have grown to enormous size due, in no small part, to the benefits that Federal tax exemption and 501(c)(3) status hold.


KNPUSA offers a full array of services to assist organizations become non-profit corporations and/or federal and state tax exempt whether you're a brand new organization or have been around for years. 


KNPUSA makes the non-profit incorporation process,  501(c)(3) tax exemption and state exemption application processes both simple and affordable to all types of youth organizations.


If you're presently receiving tax exempt status through Amateur Athletic Union's (AAU) group exemption program for a $300 annual fee, we can help you apply for your own tax exempt status which just requires a KNPUSA service package and a one time IRS fee of  $275 or $600 and no ongoing annual fees.


Please bear in mind that if you choose not to apply for tax exempt status, then your organization is responsible for filing and paying federal and state income taxes. Additionally, failure to file for tax exempt status could result in substantial federal and state penalties as well as back taxes. All organizations with annual gross revenues (before expenses) of more than $5,000 are required by federal law to apply for tax exempt status. KNPUSA can help you receive tax exempt status retroactive to your date of formation. To get started today, please click here.   






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